Specialty Courses

Junior Programs 8-10 Years old

  • Bubble Maker
    Bubble Maker 410 AED

    Discover the wonder of breathing underwater in the swimming pool

  • Seal Team
    Seal Team 1320 AED

    Gain experience in the swimming pool by learning a few skills

  • Master Seal Team
    Master Seal Team 1740 AED

    Earn a certification by completing aqua adventures in the swimming pool

Technical level

Project Aware

  • Shark Conservation
    Shark Conservation 1290 AED

    AWARE Shark Conservation specialty course

  • Turtle Conservation
    Turtle Conservation 1290 AED

    AWARE Turtle Conservation specialty course. Learn about the awesome lives of Sea Turtles

  • Coral Conservation
    Coral Conservation 1290 AED

    AWARE Coral Conservation specialty course

  • Dive Against Debris
    Dive Against Debris 1090 AED

    AWARE Dive Against Debris course teaches us the importance of cleaning up the ocean

  • Project AWARE
    Project AWARE 925 AED

    Learn about the PADI Project AWARE foundation and how to protect the seas

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