Assistant Instructor - Sandy Beach Dive Centre (2020)
  • Teach in classroom
  • Teach in pool under supervision
  • E-Learning
  • 4 Days
  • 60 Logged Dives
  • 18 Years Old


Complete theory online
AED 5600
  • Pool Training
  • Open Water Training
  • Teaching in the classroom
  • Teaching in the pool
  • Teaching in the Open Water
  • Includes Instructor Crew Pack
  • Excludes E-learning
  • Excludes Application Fee

Welcome and congratulations on deciding to start your PADI Assistant Instructor course! Thank you for choosing to do your course with us and we look forward to teaching and guiding you on your way to becoming a PADI Assistant Instructor. This course is the first stage of the Instructor Development process. You will be introduced to the PADI teaching system and standards. During the course you will learn how to teach in the pool and in the ocean. The PADI Assistant Instructor certification gives you an opportunity to gain experience under the guidance of certified instructors as you work towards your Open Water Instructor level. The course is scheduled over 4 days which can be done over 2 weekends. The schedule is not set in stone so we can work around your schedule. Throughout the course if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to ask any member of our team.

Internationally recognized qualification:

  • Teach in the classroom
  • Teach in the swimming pool under instructor supervision
  • Evaluate Open Water student diver surface skills

Online Learning: 25 hours

Practical Application: 4 days


  • Minimum age 18 years
  • At least Divemaster or equivalent
  • 60 logged scuba dives
  • CPR and First Aid training completed within 24 months
  • Certified diver for at least 6 months
  • Medical certificate from physician
    • See medical form

The PADI Assistant Instructor course consists of two phases:

  1. Knowledge Development
  • Online Dive Theory
  • Standards Exam
  • 4 Classroom Presentations
  • IDC Course (eLearning):

  • Dive Theory (eLearning):

  • For eRDPML:

  1. Practical Application
  • Teaching in the classroom
  • Teaching in open water
  • Confined Water Skills Evaluations

Day 1:

Course Orientation

Developing Knowledge Development Presentation

Evaluation – Knowledge Development Presentation 1

Skills Workshop

Day 2:

General Standards Exam

Teaching in Confined Water Presentation

Evaluation – Knowledge Development Presentation 2

Evaluation – Confined Water Presentation 1

Skills Workshop

Day 3:

Conducting Open Water Dives Presentation

Evaluation – Confined Water Teaching Presentation 2

Day 4:

Evaluation – Open Water Teaching Presentation 1

Final Debrief and Paperwork