Three Rocks

Site Description

Three rocks is also known by the name of Sharm Rock as the small fishing village located near it is called Al Sharm.

This site is about 100m x 50m and is comprised of a large submerged pinnacle rock cluster with the tips of three protruding from the surface of the water during high tide (you can actually see four tips at low tide and has many valleys and crevices to explore.

Descend following the anchor line on the northeast buoy to about 8m and keep the rocks on your right. You are met by Grouper, Mackerel, Snapper, and Trumpetfish as you make your way around the back and deepest section. Along the way you will see beautiful red soft Bear Claw Coral blooming on the rocks…typically, a Moray Eel is resting somewhere in this soft coral! As you make your way around the back of the deepest part of the site, remember to look up towards the shallower rocks and you will likely spot one of several resident Giant Pufferfish, huge schools of Snapper and Mackerel and if they are there, schools of Barracuda are around as well! Throughout this section of the site, you can also see Trumpetfish, Bannerfish, Arabian Boxfish, Parrotfish, Butterflyfish, Arabian Boxfish, Red Fanged Triggerfish, Broomtail Wrasse, Angelfish, and the well-camouflaged Cuttlefish.

As you make your way back to the shallower section on the south side you can see Turtle, Surgeonfish, Picasso Triggerfish, Bannerfish, and Batfish.

In the shallow (northwest) portion of the site is beautiful Table Coral. You should have about 15 minutes remaining to explore the valleys between the rocks. Here you can see small schools of Batfish, the lone Barracuda, Turtle, Broomtail Wrasse, Porcupine, and Banded Pufferfish, Bannerfish, Arabian Angelfish and the occasional Torpedo / Electric Ray.

You have the option of making your way back to the ascent line for your safety stop, or just send up your Safety Marker Buoy where you are, complete your safety stop and the boat will come to pick you up!

If this is the second dive of your trip, after entering the boat just keep your gear on because of its only 3 minutes back to the dive shop where you will disembark with your gear and make that short walk to the dive shop to disassemble, rinse and hang up your equipment to dry!

Site Info

  • Minimum Diver Level: Junior Scuba Diver
  • Depth: 12m
  • Dive Site Type: Coral Reef
  • Dive Time: 50 Min
  • Distance to Site: 3 Min
  • What can we see?:

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Three Rocks

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