Snoopy Island

Site Description

Find a buddy, put on your gear, walk 40m and you are diving! Snoopy Island is a great shore dive. It is perfect for day and night dives!

A small rock island about 120m x 80m, Snoopy Island is named for the three sections of rock rising up to create a profile of feet, belly, and nose similar to the iconic image of Snoopy©️ sleeping on top of his doghouse!

Enter from the shore, surface swim about 200m to the last buoy and drop down to 4-5m at the southwest corner. Look for the resident Torpedo / Electric Ray buried in the sand near the buoy line anchor. Keep the rocks on your left as you glide over Grouper resting on the rocks and coral clusters … along the rocks and coral, you can see Moray Eel, Trumpetfish, Arabian Boxfish, Parrotfish, Butterflyfish, Arabian Boxfish, Sergeant Major, Cardinalfish, Snapper, Picasso and Red Fanged Triggerfish, Broomtail Wrasse, Surgeonfish, Angelfish, Turtle, Nudibranch, and Cuttlefish.

During a night dive, look for red Reef Octopus along this section!

Just before you make your left turn to reach the backside of the island you are met by a large shoal of Mackerel … sometimes so thick it nearly blocks out the sun! Gently glide through and they will encircle you. Buddies stay close to each other because you can lose sight of each other. You may also see Barracuda or Queenfish looking for lunch … and the Mackerel are on the menu!

Along the back and deepest part (east side) of the island, you may find Ray, Squid, Giant Pufferfish, Turtle and Blacktip Reef Shark.

On the northeast side, the depth is 3-4m and this is the location of the larger Boulder and Brain Coral clusters. In the late afternoon, it is common to find a resting Turtle or two at the base of these clusters.

You’ve already completed your safety stop, so just surface and then surface swim back to shore. If you are REALLY good on air consumption and have the time, you could reverse the dive with the rocks now on your right, return to the location where you started, ascend and then surface swim to shore! That’s about a 70-minute dive!

Site Info

  • Minimum Diver Level: Junior Scuba Diver
  • Depth: 6m
  • Dive Site Type: Coral Reef
  • Dive Time: 60 Min
  • Distance to Site: 1 Min
  • What can we see?:

Dive Site Map

Snoopy Island

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