Inchape 2

Site Description

Typical NDL time is 36 minutes (i.e., total time on the wreck is about 28-33 mins) or 70 Bar back on the ascent line, whichever comes first.

Descend following the line through a shoal of feeding Mackerel to the bow of this purpose sunk wreck. The wreck was donated by Inchcape Shipping Services in 2002. The wreck is nearly identical to Inchcape 1, but slightly longer (25m) and also rests upright sitting perfectly on his keel.

Off to the side are large shoals of Snapper and along the deck are three huge resident Lionfish. Also on the deck are Scorpionfish, Grouper, Angelfish, Arabian Boxfish, Moray Eel, Butterflyfish, several Giant Pufferfish and several types of Nudibranch. Along the sides and the deck of the vessel, you will find Nudibranch and other small interesting creatures. A dive light is very helpful for this! Around the edges in the sand, you might find a large resting Stingray

If you have your Wreck Specialty certification and excellent buoyancy control, you can choose to enter the wreck at the start of the dive. You must have a dive light for this. Communicate and plan this with your buddy before the dive! Penetrating the wreck will reduce your remaining NDL time… so there is a trade-off.

Be back on the ascent line with 3-5 minutes NDL or 70 Bar, whichever comes first, complete your safety stop and you’re back in the boat for your surface interval as you travel to the next dive site!

Site Info

  • Minimum Diver Level: Open Water
  • Depth: 18m
  • Dive Site Type: Ship Wreck
  • Dive Time: 35 Min
  • Distance to Site: 23 Min
  • What can we see?:

Dive Site Map

Inchape 2

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