Hole in The Wall

Site Description

The site is a submerged outcrop of the mountain running just along the shoreline. The two largest formations breach the water surface and gently slope away from the pinnacle as you get deeper. Similar to Three Rocks, the underwater rock formations have many small valleys and crevices to explore. Along the edges at the bottom in the sand are many large boulders where you may find the resting Cowtail Ray, Blackspotted / Marbled Ray, Whiptail Ray, and Turtle. A bit further out in the sand you may be lucky enough to find a curious and shy Jawfish with his eyes just above the edge of his hole in the seafloor and his mouth full of eggs! Throughout the site, you may see Trumpetfish, Bannerfish, Arabian Boxfish, Parrotfish, Butterflyfish, Arabian Boxfish, Red Fanged Triggerfish, Broomtail Wrasse, Angelfish, Blenny, Goby, Cleaner Wrasse, Moray Eel and the well-camouflaged Cuttlefish.

The dive is named for a 15m long swim-through. This natural tunnel is located nearer the shoreline and has an average width of 2m and 1m height. The northwest entrance is approximately 3m deep and the southeast entrance is 7m. It has a sandy bottom, so frog/flutter kick should be used to avoid stirring up the silt and allow the next person to enjoy the same view as you. There is usually a small school of Silver Sweeper hanging out in the widest part (3m) near the east side. If you have a dive light (or if the sun is bright and visibility good) look slightly upwards and you may see several Lobsters hiding in crevices!

Depending on visibility and time of day (sunlight), it can be challenging to find if you are unfamiliar with the site. So, stay with your guide at least until he or she takes you through and then you can explore the site on your own if you want (let your dive guide know pre-dive that this is your plan).

For those that opt to explore on their own, the captain will get you close to the main pinnacle on the southwest section of the site. Descend down 6-7m keeping the rocks on your right and fin towards the deeper portion of the site (east) then continue until a depth of about 5-6m and come to a shallow wall directly in front of you. Slight turn left keeping the rocks on your right, and you will soon see a sand pathway between the two shallow walls … continue past this and the very next sand pathway on your right will take you to the east entrance of Hole in the Wall. The sand path is about 15m long and depending on visibility and time of day, the hole may not be visible until you are within a few meters … it will just look like a wall. But as soon as you are close enough you will see the entrance and the light shining in through the other side! When you exit you are immersed in sunlight and surrounded by Brain Coral, Staghorn Coral, and Table Coral as well as the accompanying reef fish! Explore this area for the remaining 10 minutes, make your way back to the anchor line or surface and its a one minute surface swim back to the boat!

Site Info

  • Minimum Diver Level: Open Water
  • Depth: 16m
  • Dive Site Type: Coral Reef
  • Dive Time: 55 Min
  • Distance to Site: 23 Min
  • What can we see?:

Dive Site Map

Hole in The Wall

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