Dibba Rock

Site Description

Small rock island approximately 100m x 100m. The captain will drop you in at 4-6m with the current at your back and you will fin keeping the rocks on your left or right depending on whether you enter from the north or south of the island. The shore-side (west) and south side of the island range in depth from 1-4m, while the deepest part is on the east side. Even in the deeper areas, there is a gentle slope of rock that allows you to stay at a shallower depth and still see an abundance of marine life!

In the shallow depths, you can see Parrotfish, Giant Pufferfish, Trumpetfish, Batfish, Broomtail Wrasse, Lionfish, Scorpionfish, Picasso and Red Fanged Triggerfish, Turtle, Sergeant Major, Cardinalfish and Moray Eel. As you fin into the deeper section on the north and east sides you can see these plus you may also find Squid, Cuttlefish and Blacktip Reef Shark, Cowtail Stingray, Eagle Ray and if you are really lucky, the occasional Whaleshark!

Send up your surface marker buoy, complete your surface interval, surface and the boat will come to pick you up!

Site Info

  • Minimum Diver Level: Open Water
  • Depth: 16m
  • Dive Site Type: Coral Reef
  • Dive Time: 50 Min
  • Distance to Site: 18 Min
  • What can we see?:

Dive Site Map

Dibba Rock

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