Coral Gardens

Site Description

This site is a beautiful reef just outside of the Khor Fakkhan port. The island nearby is called Shark Island.

There is an abundance of hard corals, the island has a gradual slope towards a sandy bottom. After entering the water you will head down to about 14m which will be at the contour of sand and rocky slope.

Heading towards the port you will notice abundant marine life in between all the corals. Once you have reached low on air or time of about 40min, the dive guide will head to the shallow water in a protected bay.

This bay is about 3m -5m deep. It is protected from any incoming bad weather. This has allowed corals to form over many years, the tables corals on this site are the largest in the region. It is a nursery for juvenile reef fish.

Once the dive is over you will be able to snorkel back to the boat or the boat captain will collect you once all the divers are ready!

Site Info

  • Minimum Diver Level: Open Water
  • Depth: Nonem
  • Dive Site Type: None
  • Dive Time: None Min
  • Distance to Site: None Min
  • What can we see?:

Dive Site Map

Coral Gardens

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