Cauliflower Reef - Sandy Beach Dive Centre (2019)

Cauliflower Reef

Site Info:

  • Boat Trip: 28 min
  • Depth: 40m
  • Dive Time: 8 min

What can we see?

Cauliflower Coral, Razor Fish, Sole Flat Fish, Crocodile Fish

Site Description

You are required to have your Deep Diver Specialty certification for this site. It is on the depths limit for recreational scuba diving. This site is often done during our technical and deep diver training.

Cauliflower reef is located about 500m directly east of Dibba Rock. The captain will use a GPS to locate the site. Once located we will drop down a shot line to use as a reference during our descent.

As you descend to 40m you will be met with a sandy bottom and scattered large teddy bear Cauliflower corals. After about an 8min bottom time for recreational divers or an extended bottom time for technical divers you will start you ascent. At about 15m you will send up your SMB to mark your position. The captain will then pick you up by boat.

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